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To: Roy & Bill

I want to thank you both for your craftsmanship! I can’t believe #5 was a better sea boat that #1. #1 was great. #5 is off the hook. I am a satisfied customer for the 2nd time.

Often, as you know, the boats may look good, but not perform. This boat is both. What a deep relief to know it looks awesome and is a “BEAST” in the sea where it counts.

You both are friends of mine and treated me as such; to me and my family. Thank you for all of your extra hard work and thought. It shows! Be proud of her while I rent her. Haha! Thanks again!

- Dan & family | March 9, 2009

A while back, I posted that I wanted to have a fairly long list of work done to my newly acquired 2003 Azimut 55. I was looking for a yard anywhere from SC to FL, and I was seeking a “no excuses” type of facility to do it “right”. While I didn’t want to pay any more than I needed to, I put a premium on service vs “cheap”.

Soon after I made my post, I received a PM from the owner of a custom sportfish facility in Beaufort NC …. Lightning Yachts. Long story short, I hired Lightning Yachts to do the work.

I have owned boats, planes, and real estate for a long as I can remember. I have NEVER had such an experience with somebody that provides service/value of this magnitude. This is my first/only experience with Lightning, I have no interest in Lightning other than as a customer, and I was not asked to publicly comment on my experience. I simply feel that superior service/value of this magnitude warrants praise.

If I ever want a custom sportfish (I probably won’t), a complete yacht refit (I hope I won’t), or lots of great work done, I’ll be calling Lightning again.

Kudos … obviously.

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- Mark Woglom | October 2, 2011

A few people have linked my prior posts regarding Lightning Yachts. They are located in the Jarrett Bay Marine Industrial Park, but they are not affiliated with Jarrett Bay, to my knowledge.

First, NYCAP, leave ’em alone until the middle of next week. They have had my boat for the last month, and they aren’t quite done! I’ll let you know when you can have them!

To reiterate my post from a couple of years ago, these guys are awesome!

About 6 weeks ago, we had a water leak in the top sides, that was difficult to diagnose. We also had some improvements we wanted to make. We had my Lazzara 68 in Sarasota, and I decided that I would be better served to get the work done on the East Coast (or better yet, at Lightning).

I get email updates at least once a week, including photos. I was never asked for any up front money. I get quotes, or reasonable estimates, for most of the big ticket items. I get an hourly rate that couldn’t be touched in FL. I pay a reasonable, and defined, markup on subcontract work, and materials.

Best part? Bill, and every one of the guys he works with, has a sense of humor.


If this sounds like a repeat post from a couple of years ago, so be it. I have never experienced this level of service with anything I have owned that flys or floats. That’s why I’m a repeat customer, and that’s why it sound like a repeat post.

Kudos, again.

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- Mark Woglom | November 13, 2013